The Optional Protocol and disability rights in Canada

Awareness Resources

The more we raise cultural awareness about the Optional Protocol in Canada, the more impact it can have in real people's lives. The resources listed below have been developed for you to share with the people your organization serves. Feel free to download them and use them to raise awareness among your community members.

This 8.5" X 11", full-colour poster can be hung in your offices or community locations, or shared in soft copy as an accessible PDF.

"You've got Options" postcard

This 5" X 7", full-colour postcard can be mailed or handed out to the people you serve, or shared in soft copy as an accessible PDF.

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"You've got Options" PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint presentation features 14 slides containing easy-to-understand information about the Optional Protocol and how to make a complaint to the UN Committee. Note: When delivering this presentation, it's important to describe images for members of your audience who are blind or have sight loss. A description of each photo used can be found in the "Notes" section of the PowerPoint.

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